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2011-01-03 08:47:39 by GeneralAC

Just passed by for a second, sort of over Newgrounds, hence the lack of activity as of recent.


2010-07-25 01:08:02 by GeneralAC

Didn't really care to much at the time, but I was there for Sirtom93's shit. 39574/5

I have no comments.

2010-04-08 03:30:09 by GeneralAC

But I need them!

Say what you want.

2010-02-20 19:54:41 by GeneralAC

Just type comments.

Leave a comment

2010-01-01 11:03:17 by GeneralAC

And you will get sex in a cup.

Sex in a cup is a one time offer*.

The lols

2009-11-25 06:57:22 by GeneralAC

Where are all the lols now?

Not getting through to you?

2009-09-14 08:00:32 by GeneralAC

You have to comment on this, or your family will all die. AND I MEAN COMMENT NOW!!
or check out my good friend PyronX.

Hey you!

2009-08-26 07:39:49 by GeneralAC

Yeah you, You came in here to my userpage, Leave me a message :3.
Wow just wow THIS is insane!

New news post.

2009-08-25 07:38:22 by GeneralAC

Hello, How is the BBS these days in your opinion. Leave a message telling me what you think of it.


2009-08-05 07:31:16 by GeneralAC

I am interested in what everyone of you would refer to as fun. Leave a comment telling me what you do for fun!
Also , Just bought castle crashers, It is fun as hell!